Lovely Pets is registered under CoC number 59596481in Rotterdam. The VAT number of Lovely Pets is NL095165319B01. Texts, photos, images and descriptions in our catalogue and website and other informationbearers are put together with the utmost care, however no rights can be given. Lovely Pets can never be responsible or held accountable for damage, injury, loss, directly or indirectly from information as described above, or by unwholesome use of our products.


Our Terms of Conditions are appliable to all transactions, from sales, rental, lease, and useborrow. This applies to all Lovely Pets products.

Delivery Conditions:

All deliveries take place under propertypreservation. This means that all delivered products stay our property untill fully payed. Propertypreservation does not relieve you from obligations to pay.

Payment conditions:

All products noted on our website/catalogue/others are priced including VAT, unless you log in with your VAT-number as an international customer. Typos and misplacements are possible and excluded. Prices are valid until removal, when a new pricelist comes out or when the website is edited. No other prices will be billed beyond those on the pricelist when accordance with the customer is reached. Shpping costs are not included in the products prices.

Terms of Payment:

When the agreed upon term of payment is exceeded we will contact a debt collection agency without notifying you further. All costs including legal interest and others will be on you.


Information from the website / catalogue and pricelist may under no circumstance be spread around or used without written permission by Lovely Pets.

Shipping Costs:

Please look on the page "shipping costs" for shipping costs.


All orders will generally shipped within 24 hours after receiving your payment, you will be notified of this. Orders from which we receive the payment on FRIDAY we will try to ship out on MONDAY but this can not be guaranteed. If a product is sold out we will contact you upon receiving your order. Then we can discuss the options of partial shipments or waiting a little longer for the whole order. Upon receiving your order we check it for errors, and we also check our stocks if the products you desire are in stock. If certain products are not immediately available you will be notified, we will also tell you as soon as possible when the product(s) can be sent your way. If a certain product is unavailable for a longer period of time you may ask us to remove it from your order. A new bill will be sent straight away.
It may sometimes occur that we receive your payment for a order before we find out certain products are out of stock. You will receive notice from us when we receive your payment and we will also tell you when a certain product is in stock again and when we can ship your order. We can not ship these orders in parts without the customers agreement.
If the deliveryterm of 30 days is exceeded you are free to cancel your order free of charge. All payments concerning the order will be repaid in full (within 5 working days) to you.

Sales agreement:

All orders, written or orally are binding and obligated to our sales agreement. If products do not fullfill the stated quality demands (under judgement of the customer) they must be returned to us AFTER both parties agree to the return. Commercials within fouteen days of receiving the products. Products that are specifically requested and/or are made out of material that are prone to spoiling, are excluded from this right and the products has to be returned in the original and undamaged packaging. If returning commercials and others not based on quality, the customer is indebted the costs of delivery and shipment.

Minimum order size:

Their is no minimum size to order.


All information given to us will only be used in the processing of your order(s) Lovely Pets will NEVER give out your information to third-parties. You may subscribe to our newsletter on the site. If you wish to unsubscribe you can do this in your account information.

Applied Law:

Conflicts are solved as much as we can between us and the customer. If this proves to be impossible, the Dutch Judge has the right of law and is the certified in the area where Lovely Pets is settled unless we choose for the Judge at your respective location.

When you place an order, this means you’ve read the Terms and Condition and have agreed to them.