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Bam-Bam Mint 1000 ml

Bam-Bam Mint  1000 ml

Bam-Bam Mint 1000 ml

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Bam Bam mint, concentrated urine cleaner, 1 liter with multiple effects. Nature breaks down waste time immemorial by microorganisms that much more effective than (hazardous) chemical reiniginsmiddelen. Bacteria continue to work as pollution and reproduce themselves until the contamination is cleaned up. Bam Bam has the right to the natural bacteria in a bottle. The bacteria in Bam Bam's natural bacteria, so just come in nature, and therefore from the standpoint of public health as absolutely safe. Bam Bam does not break just dirt (proteins, starches / carbohydrates, fats, nutrients) but also on urine (even old urine residues), and thus odor, based on natural bacteria. Ideal for (outside) or stay for kennels and catteries and dog. The bacteria also penetrate into the smallest chinks (concrete or porous surfaces), the degradation of uric acid (associated with crystals) is a tedious process of unpleasant odors. Urea is a substance composed of crystals can be separated from urine. Urea can be broken down into CO2 and ammonia (NH3). Everyone recognizes that foul air (which is especially good to smell when the sun on it). This is because the urea is converted to CO2 and ammonia (the good bad smell pungent smell of ammonia). Bam Bam is the only tool that helps! Not only is it actually cleaned surface during cleaning, but after cleaning (wet or dry), the bacteria continue to multiply and produce enzymes that convert koorlstof urea and water, or they "eat" the urine. The ammonia is really neat and there is no dirty air is released! Is therefore not harmful to plants. Can also be used in very good. Bam Bam has a wonderful fresh mint scent that lingers long after cleaning. Bam bam is concentrated and should be diluted, at least 1:10 in the early stages. So you can create a total of 10 liters! Undiluted are the bacteria trapped in the concentrate and thus ineffective. Bam Bam undiluted is not effective and certainly least one year long-lasting. In the initial phase is recommended to clean the day with Bam Bam (1:10 dilution), then it is sufficient at a maintenance rate of 1 or 2 times per week, depending on the pollution / smell. The maintenance phase is recommended more often prefer a higher dilution is rather clean 2x a week cleaning at a dilution of 1:20 over a time in a dilution of 1:10 "So that's 0.80 cents per share Bam Bam made liter in the initial phase and .40 ct in the maintenance phase. In the normal maintenance phase is very cheap to use!

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Bam Bam Mint