Anju-Beauté, Optimum Care Conditioner,50 ml


Anju-Beauté, Optimum Care Conditioner,50 ml

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Subtly scented Optimum Care is formulated from the latest active cationic principles. The keratin in the hair attracts the innovative and high performing tensio-actives and polymers, helping reduce friction on the hair by maintaining its elasticity. By fi xing themselves onto the hair from root to tip, they provide protection and help reduce static electricity, with a strong and long-lasting soothing action. Provitamin B5 also penetrates and fixes itself to the hair, providing moisture and preventing drying right up to the tip over a long period. The nutrient and filmogenic contributions of Wheat Germ extracts keep the fur lively, supple and very shiny. Although it provides deep nourishment, this Balm does not weigh down the coat, making it ideal for fi ne and full coats.


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