Baldecchi, Nourishing Karatin Creme,250 ml

Baldecchi, Nourishing Karatin Creme,250 ml


Baldecchi, Nourishing Karatin Creme,250 ml

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Nourishing and disantangle treatment for long hair it makes the hair silky, soft, fluent and shining thanks to karité butter and the other components. Contains (Reg. 648/2004/CE): Cationic surface-active agents (< 5%), Perfume. Directions for use: Apply the product pure or diluted, according to the pet’s need, at full length of the washed coat. Let it act for 5 minutes, then comb, rinse and go on with drying. We suggest diluting 2 spoonful of product in 0,5 liter of water for medium textured coat and 3 (or 3 and half) for fine textured coat. For long haired dogs we suggest preparing the solution in 750 ml so that it may be enough for the whole body.


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